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Frequently Asked Questions

We’d like to answer any potential questions you may have before you need to ask them. If there is anything we failed to address, send us a message at [email protected]

What is CariBento?

CariBento is a Caribbean bento box — the first subscription e-commerce service focused exclusively on Caribbean products. We source teas, coffees, spices, sauces and snacks from all countries in the Caribbean in an attempt to bring the flavors of the Caribbean directly to your home. Wherever your home may be.

We invite you to join us on a guided culinary tour of the Caribbean –> Subscribe Today

Is CariBento meal prep?

Great question!

CariBento is not a meal prep service. We provide the non-perishable ingredients and the recipes needed to create a great meal, but it is up to you to grab the meats, rice, etc.

We’re open to any feedback you have so feel free to contact us [email protected].

Okay, sure, but how does it work?

Subscription is easy-peasy!

  1. click “Subscribe”
  2. select your payment frequency
  3. enter your address and payment details
  4. receive your box with a smile


What’s inside a CariBento Box?

A CariBento box contains a carefully curated selection of Caribbean teas, coffees, spices, sauces or snacks.

Each box is a unique and we’re certain you will enjoy the surprise! Be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook for occasional sneak peaks and spoilers.

Where do you get your products?

Awesome question! We source our products from local manufacturers and shops in the Caribbean. Currently we have items from the following countries:

  • Jamaica
  • Trinidad
  • Bahamas
  • Barbados

We are excited to add more items to our list! Stay tuned!

Shops & Manufacturers: Interested in being a featured CariBento brand? Email us at [email protected].

I have food allergies, can I choose a box without allergens?

As we have only recently launched, our inventory is limited so we are not yet able to offer boxes customized by dietary restrictions or food allergies. As our team also has food allergies, we know this is frustrating, so we aim to address this in the future.

Please read the included manufacturer’s nutritional and ingredient labels and consume items with careful attention to your individual dietary concerns.

Can I purchase larger sizes of items in my box?

In some cases, yes. Check out our online store or purchase directly from the manufacturer listed on your information card.

How much does it cost?

The cost of the box varies based on the subscription option you choose. Please check our shop for details.

How does billing work?

Currently we are offering bi-monthly (every other month) and quarterly (every 3 months) subscriptions. Signing up today means you will be charged immediately for your first box then on the standard schedule based on your chosen payment plan.



How much are the products inside the box worth?

Not including the cost and difficulty of finding them, the total of all items in your box ranges from $60 to $100USD.

How often will I receive my Bento Box?

Currently we are offering bi-monthly (every other month) and quarterly (every 4 months) subscriptions. Signing up today means you will receive the box in the current cycle.

What is your cancellation policy?

Hopefully we won’t lose you, but our Cancellation Policy can be found here –>  Cancellation Policy

Do you offer gift cards?

Absolutely, you are so kind! Simply select the virtual giftcard option on in our shop.

Also, instead of the card, you may purchase a one-time gift box or gift a subscription to a lucky person. 


How much is shipping?

Currently we offer flat-rate shipping within the Caribbean, the United States and Canada and zone-based shipping to other regions. In the future we hope to offer free shipping to everyone — stay tuned!

Do you ship to my region?

Great question and the answer is…probably. If you can’t find your region during checkout, unfortunately we are not ready to ship there. Send us an email with your region and we’ll work on it.

What happens if my box gets damaged during shipping?

We certainly hope this never happens, but should this occur, please email us at [email protected].

What is your privacy policy?

Awesome question! Our Privacy Policy can be found here –> Privacy Policy

I would love to review CariBento, can I?

Kind of you to ask. We are always open to spreading the word about CariBento! If you are interested in receiving a complementary box to review, please email us at [email protected] with the following information:

1. Your Name

2. Links to Social Media Channels to which you will be posting

3. Links to other boxes you’ve reviewed in the past

4. Tell us why you would like to review CariBento

As we have only recently launched, we are only accepting reviewers on a case-by-case basis. However, you may also purchase a box for review, and send it to use to share.

Where did you get these awesome images?

They are pretty cool, our images are sourced from the following sites:



What’s a subscription box?

Great question! Per Wikipedia, subscription boxes are a recurring delivery of niche products[1] as part of a marketing strategy and a method of product distribution.  They target a wide range of customers and cater to a variety of specific needs and interests. It is estimated that there are 400 to 600 different kinds of subscription boxes in the United States alone and more overseas.[3] Subscriptions vary in both cost and frequency, making them more accessible to a greater range of customers with different socioeconomic backgrounds. Subscription boxes tend to range from $10 to $100.[4]

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